Manual Handling Course Secures New Employee Job

Manual Handling Course Secures New Employee Job

Manual Handling Course Secures New Employee a Job

Manual handling is a legal requirement for all employees in the workplace

manual handling employee jobAs most people are aware, these days, manual handling is a legal requirement in the workplace.  More and more employers are requiring their  new staff to attend a manual handling training before the employee can commence work.  While this is strictly not legal, as it is an obligation of the employer to provide training specific to activities on site, Guardian safety helped secured  one of our learners a job by providing  manual handling training.

Our client is due to commence work  on Monday morning, November 10th, upon conditions  that he attends manual handling training.  As is normal practice here at Guardian Safety, we pull out all the stops when it comes to helping our clients, we put on a one-to-one training session that lasted  3.5 hours this morning,  providing training in legislation, anatomy and injury, as well as risk assessments  and a comprehensive practical session in safe lifting of objects.

By the time of the training session was over, the learner  had gained an  in-depth knowledge in relation to his responsibility as an employee  when it comes to manual handling.  Before he attend the course he commented that “I was dreading coming along to a manual handling course. I have  sat so many in the past and found them to be useless and boring  because other instructors  were not interactive or  didn’t use any equipment for training  and were dull”.

At the end of the course his  perception  of manual handling training had completely changed.  This is his quote  after completing his training with Guardian safety “The class was very useful and enjoyable, I learned a lot from  the trainer (Julie) on how to keep a good posture and how to lift loads and other items the correct  an ideal way.  The course was fun  and enjoyable  and Julie made it a lot easier with the clips and pictures she used to illustrate” – J. Feeney.

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