Refresher Manual Handling Instructor Course

Refresher Manual  Handling Instructor Course

Course Date  – Monthly

Duration: 1 Day

manual handling lifting heavy loadRefresher Manual  Handling Instructor Course is designed to give existing instructors the chance to have their skills and knowledge assessed by our Manual handling Instructor of Instructors.

Course Overview: The course will look at the law in more detail and will also review the risk assessment process. We will also look at a range of  manual handling equipment, which has been designed to reduce the need to lift. Lifting techniques will be reviewed in more detail and you will get a chance to demonstrate in front of our instructors to reaffirm that you are continuing to lift correctly.

As part of the course we will review recent court cases involving manual handling accidents to ensure the information you are giving is current.  

Although the recommended maximum duration for instructors to receive refresher training is 5 years, based on our experience we would recommend that instructor’s up skill/review their abilities on a more frequent basis. This is dependant on how often they are delivering.   

By attending this one day Refresher Manual  Handling Instructor Course:

  • You will be assured that the skills you are teaching are correct
  • You will be given the opportunity to meet with other Manual Handling Instructors to exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • Receive additional free Manual Handling training videos. 

We are here to help: As most Manual Handling Instructors will agree once you have qualified as an instructor, your are on your own without the support of other instructors. Being isolated can result in your skills and knowledge becoming diluted over a period of time. Attending this Refresher Manual Handling Instructor Course gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, at the same time receiving constructive feedback in a supportive environment from other like-minded Manual Handling Instructors.    

Investment: €150

Return on your investment: Normally returned by delivering one class.


Places are limited, so early booking is advised. Important: Please note this is not a RPL course. This course is specifically for those who hold a FETAC/QQI certificate in manual handling instruction.

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