Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting is the process of using an external safety consultant to look at every aspect of your business which has the potential to cause harm to your employees or your business. Guardian Safety’s consultants deal specifically in areas related to ergonomics, VDU risk assessments and manual handling risk assessments.

VDU Risk Assessments

When conducting our VDU risk assessments our safety consultants will visit your premises to carry out a detailed assessment of your employees workplace set up as well as an assessment of the environment they work in. We will review the monitor, desk, chair, employee’s posture, keyboard, mouse, lighting, temperature, relative humidity and noise levels. We will identify areas that are likely to cause harm to employees and will make recommendations to reduce the potential health risk to your employee.

Manual Handling Risk Assessments

Manual handling risk assessments look at every aspect of your business in relation to manual handling activities. Our safety consultants will review all activities including size, shape, repetition, and handling of loads, particularly those of loads and activities which are likely to cause back injury to employees. We will identify any processes or loads that can potentially cause harm to your employees and will make recommendations to significantly reduce that risk of injury.

Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Ergonomic risk assessments look at the workplace layout and how the employee is interacting with this workplace. A risk assessment will identify any potential hazards which the employee may be exposed to and our safety consulting team will then make recommendations to significantly reduce the risk of injury to the employee.

Benefits of Safety Consulting

Our safety consultants have carried out many risk assessments across a wide range of industries including the insurance sector, hotel, manufacturing, care industry, etc. We have successfully implemented safe working procedures for a range of clients which has significantly reduced accident rates and improved productivity.

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