VDU Risk Assessment

VDU Risk Assessment

Guardian Safety VDU Risk Assessments

Ergonomics can be described as the study of designing tasks and work areas to maximize the efficiency and comfort of employees’ work. It studies how the person interacts with their work equipment in the workplace and rectifies identified factors which may cause musculo skeletal problems, stress, pain or repetitive strain injuries or visual fatigue.

Under the 2007 General Application Regulations the Employer is required to carry out Visual Display Unit (VDU) Assessments which must be undertaken on all computer workstations where an employee will spend longer than 1 hour per day.

Guardian Safety can carry out these risk assessments or we can train you to carry them out.

We can also train staff in the correct way to set up their workstations and inform them of the risks to their health that are developed from adopting poor posture at their workstation.

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